Productivity Tools …from Langlais Computer Consultants, LLC Low Cost Tool Management with DNC Maintain Jobs & Stock Tool data Pot Independent NC Programs DNC operations – Web Based SPC Solution Create, share, and distribute your inspections data securely. A complete Dock-to-Stock solution. CNC Cell System Material Handling Part Scheduling CNC Tool & Data Management Event & Performance Monitoring Event Notify (to PC, Email, Pager) CNC Tool & Data Management Tool Identification Tool Life Control Tool Verification Pot Independent NC Programs Tool-Kit Manager NC Program Handling M198 Sub-Program Server Support Event & Performance Monitoring Event Notify (to PC, Email, Pager) Presetter Support CNC Machine Event & Performance Monitor Monitor Cycle, Downtime, Events, Programs, Alarms, Tooling, Spindle Real-Time & Historical Status & Performance Statistics NC Program Handling M198 Sub-Program Server Support Event Notify (to PC, Email, Pager) Instrument Calibration Manager $59.95 Custom Software Development Partners & Resellers Download Center Support & Services About LCC Contact Us PRODUCTS Langlais Computer Consultants LLC offers a variety of Industry Proven products design to increase your CNC Machine Tools productivity and reliability. Our systems are engineered to minimize the operator’s exposure to handling Tooling Data, Work Offsets, NC Programs, Parts, and Pallets reducing setup time and eliminating data entry errors. Our products work with GE Fanuc and other CNC Controls. The products run on off-the-shelf Microsoft Windows™ based PC’s, keeping system cost down. These products are easy to install, maintain, and use. Customizing our products to your specific needs is our specialty. Low Cost Tool Management With DNC This newly released application is a low cost (under $100) Tool Management System with built-in DNC capabilities. The Microsoft Windows™ based application allows the user to maintain a database of Stock Tools by Tool# (up to 8-digits in length), geometry offsets, and wears. The system maintains “Jobs” (NC Programs) that can be edited, scanned for required tooling, assign Tool Changer pot locations automatically (based on T Call sequence), Post-Process NC Program (converting Tool#’s to their corresponding pot locations & insert G10Lnn blocks to register tooling offsets), and allow the posted program to be queued for DNC download to the NC Control. The built-in DNC system provides NC Program send, receive, remote file request, and send file queuing over serial communications. A wide variety of NC Controls are supported. – Web Based SPC Solution provides a web-based service allowing you to receive detailed inspection reports from your suppliers easily and efficiently. We made uploading inspection data a simple process, and then added data analysis tools to help you monitor process capability. Combine this with our automated email reports every time your supplier posts a shipment, and you have a powerful tool to continually monitor vendor performance. Are these issues troubling you? * Getting inspection data from suppliers is cumbersome. * You are being bogged down in paperwork. * Supplier data must be entered into a separate statistics program to get capability data. * Inspection data is not readily available throughout your organization. Then is the Answer: * Automate how your suppliers submit their inspection data using’s web-based application. * Track process capability using statistical tools such as Mean, Range, CPK and PPK. No third party software needed! * Review trending over time by using our graphical reports module. * Approve a shipment before it leaves your supplier’s dock. * Post your drawings and/or specifications online. CNC Cell: CNC Cell Systems LCC offers Cell packages that enable CNC Machine Tools, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), WorkSet Stations, and Material Handling Systems to be integrated together to form a Cell System (FMS/FMC). CNC-Cell provides: ? User Level Security ? CNC Tool & Data Management ? Automatic Tool & Work Zero Offset Registration ? Automatic NC Program Upload ? Part Scheduling (Supports 4 Face Fixture) ? WorkSet Station Support ? CMM Support (Option) ? Material Handling System Support (Option) ? Event History and Performance Data ? Event Notification (to PC, E-Mail, Pager) ? Lights-Out Operation CNC DataMan: CNC Tool & Data Management Our CNC Tool & Data Management System (CNC DataMan) offers increase performance, production, and reliability for your Machine Tools by managing the NC Data and Programs required by the CNC Control. CNC DataMan incorporates state of the art Tool Identification technology to maintain and manage your Tooling data in the Tool Crib and on the Shop floor. The system is ideal for companies that manage large inventories of tooling, demand--d short setup times on their Machine Tools, and require Tool Verification when a tool is brought into a Machine’s spindle. ? User Level Security ? Tool Identification By Code Tag ? True Tool Life Control ? Spindle Tool Verification ? Spindle Check Tool Function ? Tool Offset Verification ? Pot# Independent NC Programs (Uses 8-Digit Tool#) ? Automatic Tool Data Registration ? Tool Kit Management and Tool Tracking (Option) ? NC Program Upload, Download, Delete, and Drip Feed ? Work Zero Offsets Management ? Event History and Performance Data ? Machine Event & Status Monitoring (Option) ? Event Notification (to PC, E-Mail, Pager) (Option)--- ? Presetter support for Tool Crib Management CNC e-Monitor: CNC Machine Event And Performance Monitoring Our CNC Event and Performance Monitor System (CNC e-Monitor) is a software package providing manufacturing personal a detailed look at a CNC Machine’s Real-Time event, status and performance statistics from any local pr Network PC. CNC e-Monitor supports a wide range of CNC Controls including GE Fanuc and utilized state of the art network Database technologies to gather and monitor CNC Control data and status information in Real-Time. This is a great tool for maintenance and management personal. $59.95 Cal Man for Windows: Instrument Calibration Manager Software The Instrument Calibration Manager (CalMan), is a 32-bit Windows program used to maintain an inventory of instruments and equipment requiring periodic calibration. Instrument management and calibration scheduling is maintained by department (set-up by the user). Calibration procedures and Standards can be defined for each instrument type. Calibration history records are maintained, providing detailed calibration reports for your quality control requirements. Langlais Computer Consultants LLC 67 Posa Drive Bristol, CT 06010 (860) 589-0093 Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Copyright © 2000-2004 By: Langlais Computer Consultants LLC All Rights Reserved Updated: 01/05/2004 Webmaster: R. Mark Langlais