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LCC - Langlais Computer Consultants LLC offers a variety of Industry Proven products design to help manufacturers improve production, reliability and quality by leveraging today’s technologies with 30+ years of manufacturing experience. Streamlining your CNC Machine Tool’s performance, eliminating costly crashes due to operator entry errors, is our priority.

We work side-by-side with Machine Tool Builders, Distributors and Integrators delivering enhanced capabilities in Automation Control, RFID, Tool Management, Performance and OEE Monitoring and much more.   CONTACT US  for more information.

Industry 4.0, the Data Transformation Revolution that is Reshaping Manufacturing Industries

The new wave of Smart Manufacturing represents an intersection of Machine Automation, Processes Driven by Real-Time Data, and Technology Enabled Workforces, all brought together via Enterprise Connectivity.

Let LCC help your Company Ride the Industry 4.0 Wave Today!!

CNC Automation Systems

CNC Automation: Pallet / Part Handling Systems CNC Automation: Pallet / Part Handling Systems
Looking to automate the machining process within a cell of CNC Machines?  We can help! 
  • Supports FANUC & Siemens CNC Controls
  • Supports FANUC Robots & RGVs for Material Handling
  • Support For Tool Management & Tool Persetters
  • Support For Inspection Equipment & Vision Sstems
  • LCC can provide custom interfaces to any equipment
  • FANUC ASI - We are an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC

CNC Tool Data Management Systems

CNC Tool Management Software CNC Tool Data Management
Reduce setup times! Eliminate costly operator data entry errors!
  • RFID Tool Identification (Tool-ID Option) Support
  • Tool Life Control
  • NC Programs are ATC Pot Independent
  • Tool Presetter Interface Support
  • Integrates with FANUC i-Series Controls
RFID Keyboard Wedge RFID Keyboard Wedge Reader
Looking for an easy to use, flexible solution that can read your Balluff RFID Data Carriers, decode their data, and automatically send the results to your manufacturing systems. Look no further! Our RFID Keyboard-Wedge system does all this and more.

Supply Chain & Quality Solutions

Supply Chain Quality Management Software Supply Chain Quality Management
i2SPC.com provides a secure web portal allowing OEMs and suppliers to import, validate, and collaborate shipment (or lot) inspection data and quality documents throughout their supply chain.
  • Prevent suppliers from shipping out of spec product
  • Automatically approve vendor shipments based on your specifications
  • Track product by date code, serial # or lot #
  • Monitor process capability over time
  • Store and retrieve quality documents

Software Design & Development Services

Custom Manufacturing Software Development Services Custom Software Development
LCC - Langlais Computer Consultants Sales, Engineering, and Support staff provide complete solutions for your Manufacturing Software needs. If you require custom software or hardware, LCC offers design and development services to meet your requirements.
  • FANUC Open CNC Focas 1/2 Software Development
  • Okuma THINC API Software Development
  • Siemens OPC-UA Software Development
  • FANUC Robot PC-DK Software Development
  • Balluff BIS-C, BIS-M RFID In tegration
  • Interfaces for Inspection Systems, Tool Setters, ERO & Quality Systems
  • Automation Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Test Stand Control
  • Factory Floor Systems

DNC Software Solutions

DNC and Digital Document Delivery Software for Manufacturing SmartDNC - DNC and DDD for Manufacturing
SmartDNC is an application that manages the validation and distribution of manufacturing resources (NC Programs, Sub Programs, Tooling, Drawings, etc.) to your Shop Floor Equipment and Inspection/Assembly Stations.

NC Programmers and Engineers setup what resources are allowed for a given Part/Operation. They also define what station(s) are allowed to run the Part/Op and who can run it. SmartDNC can validate the proper Fixture, Tooling, Inspection equipment, Digital Documents, etc. is present prior to downloading resources to the station. Highlights are listed below.
  • Support for Production/Test Part Runs
  • Production/Test Run Part/Op Identification via Traveler Bar Codes
  • Validate Run Resources Against Identifications (Operators, Fixtures, Tooling) vua Bar Codes.
  • Automatic Download of Validated Resources
  • Automated Distribution of Digital Documents (setup sheets etc.)
  • Data Capture & Archive (Probe Data, etc)
  • Rich Reporting with Asset Monitor
  • Supports FANUC, Siemens, Okuma, Mazak, RS232 abd more...

OEE - CNC Machine Monitoring Solutions

CNC Machine Monitoring with Asset Monitor
Asset Monitor: CNC Machine Performance Monitoring Software Asset Monitor: CNC Machine Event & OEE Monitoring
Track shop OEE Performance Metrics and identify bottlenecks to help streamline production.  Get email/textnotifications when specific machine events occur!
  • Monitor Power, Spindle, Cycle, Alarms, Feed Hold, Feed Override and much more
  • OEE Performance Metrics (Real-Time & Historical)
  • iPad, SmartPhone, PC, Mobile Device Access via Web Browser
  • Dashboard Displays for the Shop Floor & Office
  • Email & Text Message Notifications
  • Webcam System support for Video Monitoring & Playback
  • Supports Direct Ethernet to FANUC i Series, Okuma & Siemens Controls
  • Suport Direct Ethernet to MTConnect Devices
  • Supports Ethernet I/O Module for all other Controls & Devices
  • Preventative Maintenance Module available
  • In-House Package or Cloud Solution available
Asset Monitor: CNC Machine Text Message and Email Notification Software Asset Monitor: CNC Machine Event Email/Text Messaging
Get notified by Cell Phone Text Message or E-Mail when a critical event occurs on your CNC Machines.  Configure the system to watch for Alarms, E-Stop condition, Cycle Off or a combination of signals.  It's great for shops running "lights-out", and want to notify someone when a problem arises.


CNC Tool Data Management Software

Automation with RGV Cell Control and Tool Data Management

Custom Fanuc FOCAS Software

Automation with RGV Cell Control, Tool Data Management, CNC Machine Tool Monitoring

Automation with RGV Cell Control, Tool Data Management

CNC Machine Tool Monitoring

Automationwith SmartDNC

Automationwith SmartDNC

Automation with Robot Cell Control, Custom Test Stand Software Solutions

CNC Machine Tool Data Collection

CNC Tool Data Management Software

RFID Tool Vending Automation

Automation and Robot Cell Control

Automation and Robot Cell Control

Automation and RGV Cell Control

Automation and TDM and Cell Control

Automation and Cell Control

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