OEE Software for CNC Machines CNC Machine Event and OEE Performance Monitoring (Asset Monitor) 

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Making Chips / Making Money

Conventional wisdom in metalworking says that you are making money only when you are making chips. Asset Monitor (AM) gives you detailed real-time and historical knowledge of what is happening on the shop floor. That knowledge – when you are making chips, when you are not and why – gives you the ability to optimize your processes so that you can make more chips and more money.

Software as a Service (Cloud Computing)

Software as a Service is a low cost innovative approach to delivering high performance, high availability applications over the internet.  It eliminates the IT burden customer have when  purchasing traditional "in-house" solutions.  SaaS has a very low monthly fee with NO upfront costs or commitments.  CLICK HERE  to download a brochure on our State-Of-The_Art Secure Data Center.

Accurate Data, The Foundation For Success

Charts, graphs and summary reports are, of course, an important part of Asset Monitor, but if the data behind these presentations is inaccurate or unreliable then even the most sophisticated presentations are of little value. The accuracy and reliability of data gathered from machine tools varies widely, depending on the equipment and methods of collection used.

LCC’s deep expertise in CNC communications and ability to integrate physical and logical data access methods assures that the data obtained from your machine tools is accurate and meaningful.

CNC Machine Monitoring and OEE Video

CNC OEE Software

System Features And Functions

Asset Monitor offers Real-Time monitoring, providing production statistics, mobile phone texting, and email notifications on key machine signals and events. The system also archives the production data so that you can historically view shop floor performance over a year, month, week, day, or shift period. The system is web based, so that any PC with a web browser and user permission can access the system and its data.

Configuration tools allow users to setup how they want production data presented to them. Assign specific machines to an Asset Group to get statistics on a machine cells and/or departments. Assign Asset Groups to shop personal (like Supervisors) who are responsible for specific cells or departments. With these configurations, users can quickly asses performance and identify bottlenecks and problems across the entire shop.

Derived Signals

Asset Monitor allows users to combine machines signals to create a higher level derived signal. For example, the derived signals “Cutting Part” can be created to represent the following…

Power On + Cycle On + Spindle On + Feed Hold Off + Axis Motion + % Feed Override >= 80%

When the above is true, the derived signal “Cutting” is considered to be on.

Charts And Reports To Fit Your Needss

Once you have configured the system to monitor the machine signals that are important to your operations, Asset Monitor provides an easy to use, intuitive web based utilization and performance viewer.

Supported CNC Controls And Signals

Asset Monitor is a flexible system providing Ethernet connectivity to ALL equipment.  A direct Ethernet connection can be made to CNC Controls supporting the following interfaces.
  • MTConnect (Mazak, Fanuc, Haas, Okuma, and more...)
  • Fanuc FOCAS (Most i-series Controls)
For all other Control types, Asset Monitor supports a NON-Proprietary  Ethernet I/O Module which allows use to tie discrete machine signals to the I/O Module. Any 24VDC or 120VAC CNC Control signal, lamp, switches, relay, etc can be wired to the module for monitoring by the system. For MTConnect and Fanuc FOCAS interface types, below is listed some of the signalsthat can be monitored..
  • Control Power On/Off
  • Spindle On/Off, Actual Spindle Speed
  • Program Cycle On/Off, Running Program #
  • Feed Hold On/Off
  • % Feed Override
  • % Spindle Override
  • Axis In Motion, Actual Feed Rate
  • E-Stop
  • CNC Alarm with message
  • Coolant On/Off
  • And Much More...
For Fanuc FOcAS, PMC bit or binary data can also be monitored. The system allows users to configure what PMC address and bit(s) to monitor, and what the signal represents.

Text Message And E-Mail Notifications

Configure your system to send Text Messages and/or E-Mail Notifications when a specific Machine Event occurs (ie: alarmed or out of cycle for a period of time).

CNC Machine Monitoring Software   View a snapshot of the entire shop floor, or drill-down to specific departments, cells or machines you have defined. View % utilization in real-time, or select a specific time period (year, month, week, day or shift) to analyze. Identify trends, bottlenecks and potential problems using the performance chart.

CNC OEE Software
Generate detailed utilization and performance reports with our performance report generator.
Shop-Cam support

Asset Monitor’s web based UI allows you to tie in your local and global facilities web camera system for quick easy access to your video feeds. The system allows you to tie in as many webcams as you want, and name each.

Real-Time Dashboard Display for the Shop Floor and Office

AMDashboard is a Windows™ application used to provide users a quick view of shop floor production by displaying Asset Status and Performance in a priority driven real-time list. AMDashboard can be configured by the user to define how the display looks, and what signal status and performance information will be displayed.

CNC Machine Monitoring Dashboard

This application is designed as an add-on utility for the Asset Monitor System. It can be deployed on large flat panel monitors out on the shop floor or on an office PC to help foreman and supervisors quickly identify Maintenance issues, Machine Faults, Downtime, Out Of Stock and Performance issues.

Cost Effective And Scalable

Asset Monitor is designed to fit a wide variety of implementations. From small shop environments supporting several machines, to enterprise wide multi facility solutions, Asset Monitor can easily be scaled to fit your needs.

We now offer Asset Monitor as a Software as a Service (Cloud Computing) product.  Advantages include:
  • Access your data from anywhere in the world.
  • Minimum upfront startup investment.
  • Get up and running in a day.
  • NO in-house IT support required on Database & Web Server hardware/software
  • Get free upgrades as they become available!