CNC Machine Event Text Messaging Software CNC Machine Event Email/Text Notifications (Asset Monitor - Notify)

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Recieve Text Messages on your smartPhone, iPad, or get E-Mail Notifications when specific Events occur on your CNC Machine Tools.

Supported CNC Controls And Signals

METexting is a flexible system providing Ethernet connectivity to most Fanuc i-Series Controls.

Fanuc Oi, Fanuc 16i/160i, Fanuc 18i/180i, Fanuc 21i/210i Fanuc 30i/300i/31i/310i/32i/320i

For all other Control types, METexting supports an Ethernet I/O Module which allows system integrators to tie discrete machine signals to the I/O Module. Any 24 volt CNC Control signals, lamps, switches, relays, etc can be wired to the modules for monitoring by the system. For Fanuc i Series Controls, the following signals are supported.
  • Control Power On/Off
  • Spindle On/Off
  • Program Cycle On/Off
  • Feed Hold On/Off
  • % Feed Override
  • Axis In Motion
  • E-StopV
  • CNC Alarm
Fanuc PMC bit and binary signals can also be monitored. The system allows users to configure what PMC address and bit(s) to monitor, and what the signal represents.

Derived Signals

METexting allows users to combine machines signals to create a higher level derived signal. For example, the derived signals “Cutting Part” can be created to represent the following…

Power On + Cycle On + Spindle On + Feed Hold Off + Axis Motion + % Feed Override >= 80%

When the above is true, the derived signal “Cutting” is considered to be on.
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