CNC Automation For Pallet / Part Handling Systems

RGV & Robot Based Pallet Handling Systems

CNC Automation: Pallet / Part Handling Systems

CellPro - Full Featured Multi-Machine CNC Automation

CellPro is a Windows™ based application that maximizes production on your CNC Machines by delivering user friendly tools for managing NC data, Pallet Routing, Workload and Tooling data. The system is database driven using the latest Microsoft SQL Server technologies. CellPro communicates to all Cell equipment via a dedicated Ethernet network, and an Ethernet Router is provided to securely connect and isolate the Company’s LAN to the dedicated Cell network.

All CellPro hardware is non-proprietary, meaning failed components can be replaced with off-the-shelf purchased hardware. This guarantees a long-life cycle for your cell, and minimizes downtime due to short lead time component replacements.
CNC Automation: CellLite Pallet Handling Systems CNC Automation: CellLite Pallet Handling Systems

CellLite - Single Machine Pallet Pool CNC Automation

CellLite is an easy to use Touch Screen based PC system allowing users to assign a sequence of operations (CNC Programs), to a Pallet, and automate the delivery of Pallets and CNC Programs to support multi-faced fixture machining to a single CNC machine. User defined, priority-based schedules provide a rich set of functions and features that give the user a flexible system for attended and unattended operations.

Robot Based Part Handling Systems

CNC Automation: Cell4Parts Part Handling Systems

Cell4Parts - Multi- Machine Part Handling CNC Automation

Cell4Parts is a Windows™ based application designed to automate Part production in a Robot cell. A wide variety of manufacturing equipment such as CNC Machines, EDM, CMM, Vsion Inspection, Part Marjingm Laser Measuring, Washing, Drying, Deburring, Balancing, Degaussing and much more can be integrated into the cell.

LCC has been engineering Custom Automation Solutions for the Aerospace, Firearm,  Tooling, and Transportation sectors since 1995.  Implementing the latest technologies and innovations in:
  • RFID Tool & Pallet Identification
  • Vision Enabled Part/Pallet Handling
  • Probing, CMM and Balancing System Integration
  • Part Inspection with Re-Work options
  • Web based Cell Performance Reporting
Our experience and ability to customize a solution to fit your unique requirements is what sets us apart from the rest.

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CellPro: Multi-Machine CNC Automation Cell with RGV
CellPro: Multi-Machine CNC Automation Cell

CellLite: Single Machine Cell with Pallet Pool & Robot
CellLite: Single-Machine Automation Cell

Cell4Parts: 4 EDM, 4CMM Cell with Part Handling Robot
Cell4Parts: 4 EDM Machine Automation Cell Control Software

Video of EDM Robot Cell with Autonomous Robot Handling Part Delivery/Pickup