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CNC Tool Data Management & RFID (TDM)

TDM is our most comprehensive Tool Data Management System designed to protect your CNC Machine Tools from costly crashes caused by operator entry errors.  RFID code tags (option) are installed on each tool holder which contains information on the tool (T#, geometry, life, etc.).  The system connects directly to your Presetters collecting and storing Tool Offsets during presetting.  TDM also integrates directly to your CNC equipment, automatically registering offset information as tools are loaded into the Tool Changer.  These features greatly reduce setup times and ensuring data integrity.

NC Programs call Tools using an 8-digit Tool #, which is assigned during presetting.  This gives the operator the flexability of loading Tools into any Tool Changer Pot location.  No more crashes due to Tools being loaded into the wrong Pot location.

Tool offset editing can be locked out on the CNC Control, forcing all edits to occur on the TDM system.  Here the system will validate  the changed offsets fall within max/min specifications eliminating scrap parts caused by data entry errors.  All offset changes are logged, providing a detailed audit trail.

Tool Life Management is supported, allowing the system to monitor a tool’s cutting time, and automatically replace an expired tool with a fresh backup without interrupting the NC Program.

LCC offsers a wide range of RFID options, so give us a call to see which best fits your needs.

Works on all FANUC i-Series Controls!

CNC Tool Data Management Software

RFID Tool Management Software

RFID CNC Tool Management Software

RFID CNC Tool Data Management Software

RFID CNC Tool Data Management Software

RFID CNC Tool Data Management Software