Automating the Validation and Distribution of Manufacturing Resources and Digital Documents

Product Overview

SmartDNC is an application that manages the validation and distribution of manufacturing resources (NC Programs, Sub Programs, Tooling, Drawings, etc.) to your Shop Floor Equipment and Inspection/Assembly Stations.  CONTACT US  and request a brochure.

NC Programmers and Engineers setup what resources are allowed for a given Part/Operation. They also define what station(s) are allowed to run the Part/Op and who can run it. SmartDNC can validate the proper Fixture, Tooling, Inspection equipment, Digital Documents, etc. is present prior to downloading resources to the station. Highlights are listed below.
  • Support for Production/Test Part Runs
  • Production/Test Run Part/Op Identification via Part Traveler Bar Codes
  • Validate Run Resources Against Identifications (Operators, Fixtures, Tooling) vua Bar Codes.
  • Automatic Download of Validated Resources
  • Automated Distribution of Digital Documents (setup sheets etc.)
  • Data Capture & Archive (Probe Data, etc)
  • Rich Reporting with Asset Monitor
  • Supports FANUC, Siemens, Okuma, Mazak, RS232 abd more...
Production/Test Part Run Support
SmartDNC can be configured to support both Production and Test Part Runs. Each type of Run can be setup to use different NC source folders allowing you to lock down (read only) your production folder while allowing read/write access to your Test Part resources.

Production/Test Part Run Part/Operation Identification & Validation
Each Part Run setup by Engineering is associated to a Part # and Operation. When an operator initiates a Part Run from SmartDNC, the Part # and Operation is input (manually or via bar code scan). SmartDNC will then validate the Part/Op can be run on the target station (CNC, CMM, etc.). Once validated, SmartDNC will request identification of the DNC Resources required for the Part Run.  DNC Resources define the manufacturing requirenments for processing the Part. These resources can include Operator, Revision, Lot, Serial #, Fixture, Pallet, Tooling, Job #, etc. If all identifications are validated, SmartDNC will download the required DNC Resources to the station.

Automatic Download of Validated NC Resources
Once the Part Run is validated, all defined NC Resources are automatically downloaded to the station (CNC, CMM, etc.) from the DNC folder setup setup by Engineering. These resources can include, NC Programs, Sub-Programs and Digital Documents.

Automated Distribution of Digital Documents
The validation database also contains fields that define the Digital Documents that automatically get distributed to the SmartDNC station after successful Run Resourcevalidation. Digital Documents can include PDF, Image, Video or other media file types.

Data Capture and Archive
If Engineering setup Data Capture properties for a given Part Run, SmartDNC will automatically (or manually) capture the requested data from the station and Archive the results to its Database. These results can also be packaged up for Quality Systems to import for analysis.

Rich Reporting through Asset Monitor (Option)
SmartDNC maintains an audit trail of all scans and program runs. Asset Monitor is used and the reporting engine providing a rich suite of reporting options via website and SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service). Custom reports can also be made available to meet specific customer reporting requirements.